FAQ for filmmakers

You get:
You get high quality and creative soundtracks, exclusive music, composed according to your wishes.
I´m offering moderate fees and flexibility. If you wish, I plan and execute the entire music production. 

You do not get:
I don´t offer Royality-free music.
Being a professional film composer also means spending a lot of money on equipment. Also the time required can not be adequately remunerated with royality-free licences.

Why I don´t offer music like Artlist etc.?
Dumping prices prevent high quality productions.
Collecting societies are an important part of production financing, a relevant point also for filmmakers.

Does advertising only work with royality-free music?
No, most broadcasters, streaming platforms and cinemas have all-inclusive contracts with collecting societies, for example in Germany with GEMA. The filmmaker only needs to pay next to the honorarium a license to use the music. There are no list prizes, you can negotiate a flexible price with the composer. Further costs are no longer payable. Royality-Free is not necessarily cheaper.

How do my production steps look like?
– Composing and orchestrating
– MIDI editing at the highest and most realistic level
– Planing a live-recording with creating a professional score (if wanted)
– High quality Pre-Mastering for film-mixing (also surround sound music)

Where can I help in your film project?
– Composer/Co-Composer
– Music Supervisor
– Music Editor
– Orchestrator
– Score Recorder
– Musician

When is the right time contacting for a new project?
As soon as you are interested in my music.

If you have any question, fell free to contact me…